On Time. On Budget. On Spec.

Triple L has a 35 year history of providing construction services to the energy industry. Together, our experts have participated in constructing over 1500 miles of pipeline, 25 facilities, and more than $350 Million in oil and gas construction projects.

Triple L brings pipeline and facilities construction, maintenance and turnaround specialties, and a diverse business experience to complete your most challenging projects including:

Pipeline Construction in North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado

When it comes to pipeline construction, you want an experienced pipeline contractor you can trust. Triple L brings years of experience in building midstream and gathering networks. We are large enough to handle the big job, yet small enough to get the details right. Our principals have constructed hundreds of miles of pipeline with some of the top companies. Our crews, working simultaneously to bring complete your project on budget, are able to handle pipe of all types and sizes.

A pipeline construction project is essentially a moving assembly line. Experienced pipeline construction contractors like Triple L typically break the project into efficient lengths called "spreads". We utilize highly specialized and qualified workgroups on each segment of the pipeline. Each spread is composed of specialized crews, each with its own responsibilities. As one part of the team completes its work, the next crew moves into position to complete its piece of the pipeline construction process.

Triple L can meet your pipeline construction needs including the following:

Industrial Construction

When you need a specialty component or service to bring your project in on time, on budget, and on spec the last thing you want to do is wait for it. Here at Triple L, Inc., we have what it takes to deliver on that promise. We can work in some of the harshest conditions and on the tightest timelines.

Welding and Fusing

Bead after bead, fuse after fuse, mile after mile - our crews do what it takes to get the job done while keeping safety our top priority. Our experience means we bring quality, consistency, and transparency to your project. Triple L uses Fast Fusion technology, which allows installation of HDPE pipe with maximum efficiency.

Turnaround Construction

When your contractor doesn't get the job done, call us and we'll get you out of a tight spot. We specialize in project turnarounds and have the expertise and manpower to get your project back on track.

Pre-Bid Package Consulting to Midstream Companies and Investors

Knowledge is power. If you're a midstream company or investor looking for insight into the pipeline market, we have the boots on the ground to help you understand the opportunity.