We're Committed to Good Relationships with Landowners

Experienced pipeline contractors engage landowners respectfully, informatively and clearly. Triple L is committed to leading the industry in building and maintaining strong, constructive, and positive relationships with landowners. Our goal is to minimize the impact of pipeline construction on the local environment and on adjacent landowners.

As part of our project initiation, our Project Superintendent meets with every landowner along the right of way. We listen to their concerns and try to accommodate any special requests. The landowners can personally contact our Project Superintendent at anytime to voice concerns. At Triple L we are committed to the landowners and resolving their concerns.

During the reclamation of a recent project, we would call or meet in person those landowners who were to be affected 3 to 5 days in advance of being there. Our questions included: Do you any areas of concern? Is there anything we need to do satisfy your expectations? When can we access your property? Are there any specific points of entry you would like us to use? These questions were well recieved well form the landowners. In one case we were able to perform some of the remediation to accommodate the harvest and the work was performed to their satisfaction and time frame.

In another instance we helped landowners to dispose of rocks so they could create usable land to accommodate a building site. Triple L's leaders believe in solutions that benefit all parties.