Triple L is an environmentally responsible pipeline contractor

Sensitivity to environmental considerations is a core value and management tool utilized during project planning and execution. It helps to avoid unnecessary impacts, delays and unexpected costs. Operating with a sensitivity to pollution control, community safety, and traffic management makes us part of the communities we operate in. When we work at a project, our families live there, too. To view the project as a cut-and-dried assignment, rather than a way to better the world for future generations would be short-sighted. We consider a key issue for each project to be addressed as part of the planning and permitting for the project the minimization of environmental impacts associated with the pipeline's route and the temporary use areas in which pipe sections are connected before installation. We take full advantage of one-call list management and operational precautions are in place to avoid line hits and ensure good line marking. Our teams in the field look at the whole project long-term.

Further, we recognize that many times we are working in environmentally sensitive areas (drainage features, riparian forest, riparian scrub, grasslands, seasonal wetlands, protected species) and work to minimize impacts consistent with your project permitting and other requirements. We view compliance with agency and owner requirements as a minimum standard. We use a variety of mitigation, remediation and run-off management techniques (including foam barriers to manage runoff) and pride ourselves on quality landforms restoration. We know what type of environment we want to leave for the next generation as well as for the owner.

Our team has installed pipeline through sensitive areas in and around the North Dakota Badlands. On one project, we installed a 12" steel pipeline under the Little Missouri River in the ND badlands using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). We used temporary mechanical bridges to span the river allowing our heavy equipment to pass over sensitive areas undisturbed.

Modern technology like HDD makes pipeline installation in sensitive areas possible, saving time and money. Most of the ground surface remains undisturbed. There is lessened environmental impact and area traffic continues to flow uninterrupted. Communities remain relatively undisturbed and visually pleasing.